Concise home translates into Simple and comfortable home, Concise home is the brand of Huizhou Jian She Ju Pin Co., Ltd.

Concise home brand stands for comfort,Quality and taste,Having expanded the elegant culture of modern life.Inheriting the promotion of Italian furniture and living culture.Products include living room, dining room and bedroom furniture.

Concise home is a design concept that is always at the forefront of fashion.Advanced manufacturing processes and exquisite products are known throughout the world. And widely welcomed by the market and respected.

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Brand connotation

Concise home means simple and comfortable home, Concise home brand represents the comfort, quality and taste, but also extended a modern life of the elegant culture. Heritage of the Italian furniture, life culture promotion. Products include living room, dining room and bedroom series of furniture, CONCISE HOME its always in the forefront of fashion design, advanced manufacturing technology and exquisite products known in the world, and widely welcomed by the market and respected.

brand Speciality

Concise home will be targeted at consumers over 30 years of age, the cause of success, the pursuit of quality of life of the crowd, they are rational, wise, with excellent aesthetic awareness and fun, modern life has a unique taste, for improving the living environment of high quality products Have a strong desire, they are not spending, and care about owning. Free, smart, capable of their dictionaries, career wonderful outstanding, elegant home warm, they show themselves at the same time, but also led a noble and stylish home trend. All the styles contain the classic design of international design master, in the modern embodiment of solemn, in the exquisite show noble.

Brand Concept

Concise home is the most fashionable design idea. Focus on creating a new home environment for consumers through emotional, refined, valuable and savory product lines.

Design in my life